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Chase Family Recipes
A Historical Cookbook

17th century recipes with modern versions
and gluten-free options

If you enjoy cooking, historical recipes, or historical romance, you’ll enjoy this cookbook from bestselling romance author Lauren Royal!

Lauren’s Chase Family Series characters love to eat! And Lauren does her research, so of course they eat period-appropriate foods. Lauren has collected dozens of antique cookbooks from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and over many years of trial and error, she’s learned how to make the recipes using modern methods.

In this cookbook, Lauren shares her very favorite historical recipes with you, two from each of her Chase Family Series novels, along with excerpts from the scenes where her characters enjoy each dish. All of the recipes are easy to make, even for beginner cooks.

For each recipe, Lauren has included the original text and her modern adaptation, with current measurements and cooking methods. And every recipe includes gluten-free alternatives!

17th Century Recipe List

  • Beef in Claret (a hearty dish served over toast)
  • Chicken & Artichoke Pie (a Royal family favorite)
  • Chicken Fricassee (a light and creamy dish)
  • Claret Wine Punch (a historical drink for celfbrations)
  • Cream Toasts (17th century French Toast!)
  • Mushroom Pie (another Royal family favorite)
  • Nun’s Biscuits (sweet and lemony…like madeleines, but better)
  • Rabbit Stew (can also be made with other meats!)
  • Sack Posset (a sweet and creamy hot drink for a cold winter night)
  • Stewed Prawns (for the shrimp lovers in your family)
  • Syllabub (a heavenly drink or dessert)
  • Tarte of Spinage (Spinach Pie—it’s delicious!)

Series Info

Chase Family Series

The Marquess of Cainewood and his siblings are eminent members of King Charles II’s merry English court. But Jason, Colin, Kendra, and Ford are also family—which means they’re loud, argumentative, and always meddling in each other’s lives. As the four Chases find their paths toward true love, they help and hinder one another through bouts of passion and despair on their way to happily ever after…

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Book Info

  • Twelve historical recipes, both original and modern versions
  • Two photos for each recipe
  • Indexed and linked by course, to make it easy to find what you want
  • Excerpts that feature each dish, from Lauren’s Chase Family Series

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